Odd Sounds

Resources for Experimental, Electronic, Avant-Garde, Off-Beat, Unusual & Funny Music and Sound on the Internet

History, Information, Interviews, Etc.

120 Years of Electronic Music
Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990

Timeline of electronic musical instrument inventions with short articles on each. An invaluable resource!


History of Electronic Music

Eleven papers written on electronic music by students at Lebanon Valley College

RIM/MUSI 419 Principles and Practices of Electronic Music
History of Electronic Music Index

Another timeline of electronic music history, with some links

music history online : music of the 20th century

Exhaustive disertation on modern music theory & practice with a wealth of links to further information

Stylus Magazine

Ezine on new music which features many articles and reviews on experimental, electronic & avant-garde music as well as a webcast and podcast.


Several articles from book by James McHard, including a list of 70 essential modern compositions.
Dedicated to the preservation of early recorded sounds.

Wonderful archive of early recording with extensive history on the early years of recording.

NewMusicBox - The Webzine from The American Music Center

Articles, interviews, history on new music.


Experimental Musical Instruments
Books, CDs and More for Unusual Instruments and Instrument Making
A source for unique & experimental music, instruments, players & listeners

Includes a discussion group & gallery with short music clips of many experimental instruments

Wendy Carlos Online

Popular composer was the first artist to win a platinum record for classical music and electronic music

The Internet Archive Audio Section

The Internet Archive houses a vast storehouse of audio & video. Some very old and some brand new. Lots & lots of treasures here.

Static Signals

static signals is a digital hub for unusual music evolutions creations by artists in genres impossible in definition driven by unique visions . . . evoking deep emotional response . . . brutal. poignant. beautiful.

Audiomulch - Interactive music studio

A truly amazing tool for creating your own audio. Whether you are a pro or a beginner you can make electronic music on your computer using this powerful application. I know because I've done it!

Oddio Overplay

Great netlabel with a variety of music for download

Indie music website with plenty of electronic, experimental & funny music- but you'll have to search for it. Musicians can upload their music and get it rated & reviewed.

Intuitive Music

Intuitive Music, a web site dedicated to alternative, creative, experimental, electronic, and independent music since 2000.


Indie music site with a vast storehouse of music to download. Musicians can upload their music, get it rated, create fan communities & more.

Theremin World

News & info on the theremin

Theremin Vox - Art, Technology & Gesture

Still more info & resources on the theremin!

Pauline Oliveros Website

The Pauline Oliveros Foundation, Inc. is committed to the support of all aspects of the creative process for a worldwide community of artists and was inspired by Pauline Oliveros' philosophy that "Creativity is the vital spirit of public and personal growth"

NeverEndingWonder Radio

This is OUR award winning webcast. A freeform array featuring a wide variety of music & comedy from different times, different lands, styles & genres including experimental, electronic, avant-garde, rare, unusual, lost & forgotten material.

Artist Websites, Internet Record Labels, Music Websites
The Official Frank Zappa Website

The Dean of weird music. Thank you Frank.

primeTime sublime Community Orchestra
New? Music That Doesn't Fit Anywhere

Amazingly fabulous avant-garde band.

MJD's Intergalactic Comedy Hacienda

Amazingly prolific parody song producers Mark Jonathan Davis & Rob "Iceman" Izenberg, sometimes known as Guns N Moses.

Jean Jacques Perrey

One of the original electronic music pioneers and the first to realize it could be FUN!

Electronic musician who also published the magazine Cool and Strange Music.

The Capt. Beefheart Radar Station

The Garde doesn't get much more Avant than this!

Dr. Demento

The exalted Dr. Demento Show, bringing us weird audio for over 30 years.

Comfort Stand Recordings

Internet record label with a wealth of electronic, experimental & weird music.

Mod-est Lads

I don't know who the Mod-est Lads were, but they're strange & funny!

Welcome to! Land of free downloads of homemade songs and art!


Purveyors of 60s Garage/Psych, Incredibly Strange Music and Radically Fresh Soundz

The Residents

Legendary mystery experimental pop/rock/weird band.

Shari Elf

Singer, songwriter, visual artist - and all done with a wicked sense of humor.

Troy Lukkarila - another strange & weird musician & artist.

John Cage - Online Works

Website with links to influential composer John Cage resources on the net.

Terry Riley

Official website of minimalist composer Terry Riley

Steve Reich Official Website

Influential experimental & electronic composer.

Philip Glass

Official website of popular influential composer.

Raymond Scott

Official website of Raymond Scott, jazz musician, composer, inventor & pioneering electronic musician

Tangerine Dream

Warning: streaming audio autoloads- but let it- it's Tangerine Dream!

Laurie Anderson

Visionary poet, electronic music innovator.

Evolution Control Committee

Legendary audio experimenters. Reportedly they produced the first mashup!

Bruce Haack

Official website of innovative, much lamented electronic musician Bruce Haack


Luminaries in the world of experimental audio who started the whole furor over copyright issues... well, after Dickie Goodman, that is.

Info on hundreds of comedians here, and mp3s to download. Many CDs here are unavailable elsewhere.

Firesign Theatre

Legendary comic anarchists.

The Vestibules

Canadian sketch comedy trio.

Throwing Toasters

Massively twisted humor.

Tom Smith Online

The fastest filk alive- and one hell of a songwriter!

Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie.

You know that "Welcome To The Internet Helpdesk" bit? This is THEM!

The Arrogant Worms

More bizarre Canadian comedy!

American Mavericks

Listening room for the public radio series "American Mavericks," dealing with modern composers. Hours of listening here!

The Hour of Slack

The official webcast of The Church of the Subgenius. You don't know slack? Get over there and LISTEN!

WM Recordings

WM Recordings brings you music that is a little "different". We do not specialize in one style, but instead bring you exciting sounds that you're not likely to find anywhere else.

Experimental, Ambient recordings & Beyond

Dreamland Recordings is an Australian independent CDr/mp3 label specializing in releases by lesser-known artists worldwide.


Website of Sonic Boom- electronic music innovator, founder of Expermental Audio Research & Spacemen 3

Abdicate Cell

Abdicate Cell netlabel. Great experimental & electronic music.

The Mad Music Archive

Full of Dr. Demento style musical madness broadcasts actual sounds from outer space 24/7.

Website of Reed Ghazala, incredible experimentalmusician and builder of instruments. Info on building your own instruments.

Robert Rich

Website for Robert Rich, innovator in the Ambient Music world and electronic musician.

Thinner Autoplate

Thinner Autoplate is a netlabel for versatile electronic music.


It's not our goal to list every single music website on the internet, or even every indie website there is, but to provide a listing of websites that have significant information or content about experimental, electronic, avant-garde, unusual, off-beat & funny music and audio. If you know of a site that should be listed, then please contact us. Please mention you are referencing the "Odd Sounds" page.

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