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The Voices of Halloween

In 2008 the NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio premiered The Voices of Halloween - a series of Halloween memories, greetings and station IDs by some of the most infamous names to horror fans, as well as names they should be happy to learn. You'll hear actors, writers, horror hosts, makeup and effects artists, musicians and others. All recorded exclusively for The NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire. Uncle Ozma extends his sincere and heartfelt thank to everyone who contributed pieces. Here is a complete listing of everyone who contributed to this amazing audio collection:

Forrest J. Ackerman
Dr. Acula, The Ackermonster himself! The man who created horror fandom, editor of the first magazine devoted to horror movies, Famous Monsters of Filmland.
Forest J. Ackerman on Myspace

David Hedison
Star of the original 1958 production of The Fly and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea!
David Hedison's Website

The Kreep
Gothic poet & illustrator The Kreep provides us with his marvelously kreepy poetry and some darkly interesting inside memories of Hollyweird.
The Kreep's Hangout on the Web

Al "Mr. Outrageous" Burke
Actor in 13 Dead Men, Blood Gnome, Heart of Fear and many other movies.
Al Burke's Website

Domiziano Arcangeli
Actor in Jesus Franco's Incubus, Mondo Cannibale, 666 The Beast and many more.
Domiziano Arcangeli's Website

Bianca Barnett
Actress in Terror 66, Fear Chamber, Devil's Muse and many more.
Bianca Barnett's Website

April Monique Burril
Star of Chainsaw Sally!
Chainsaw Sally Website

Chris Adler
Star of The Dead Walk, The Naked Killer and many more films.
Chris Adler on Myspace

Christopher Kahler
Actor, director, editor, soundtrack composer, Chris Kahler does it all!
Christopher Kahler on IMDB

Daniel Zelik Berk
Producer and Director of Sometimes They Come Back... For More.
Dan Berk on IMDB

Joseph D'Lacey
Author of the horror novel Meat.
Joseph D'Lacey on Myspace

Debbie Nash from Astro Al
One half of the psychedelic band/spoken word artists Astro Al
Astro Al Website

Dr. Gangrene
Host of Chiller Cinema in Nashville, Tennesee.
Dr. Gangrene's Web Lab

Llexi Leon from Eternal Descent
Half of the Gothic fantasy band Eternal Descent.
Eternal Descent Website

Evan Campbell
Special efects and makeup artist on Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Village of the Damned, Lord of Illusions and dozens of other films.
Evan Campbell's Website

Garrett Cook
Author of bizarro novel Murderland I - H8
Garrett Cook on Myspace

Holly from Lucid Dementia
Member of the dark Gothic dance band Lucid Dementia
Lucid Dementia's Website

Jim O'Rear
Actor in Skarecrow, Wolfsbayne, Vampyre Tales and many other films.
Jim O'Rear's Website

Ken Carpenter
The Camerahead Cenobite from Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth!
Ken Carpenter on IMDB

Paul Angelosanto
One half of the psychedelic band/spoken word artists Astro Al
Astro Al Website

Penny Dreadful
Hostess of Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers.
Shilling Shockers Website

Ricco Ross
Private Frost in Aliens and many other roles in numerous movies.
Ricco Ross on IMDB

Robert Chomiak
Writer of the zombie comedy Fido.
Robert Chomiak on IMDB

Robert Dunbar
Author of The Pines and The Shore.
Robert Dunbar's Website

Rodd Matsui
Make Up and Special Effects Artist, director and writer who's credits include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Files, Zombie Party and many other films.
Rodd Matsui on IMDB

Scott Jennings
Sound Effects artist on Tales From the Crypt, Escape From L.A. and many other films.
Scott Jenning on the IMDB

Sean Keller
Writer of Dario Argento's upcoming film Gaillo.

Author of The Darkverse Podcast.
The DarkVerse

Shauna Magrath
Makeup Artist on Freddy VS. Jason, The Fog, Trick 'r Treat and countless other movies.
Shauna Magrath's Beaty Ink Gallery

Sheldon from Lucid Dementia
Member of the dark Gothic dance band Lucid Dementia
Lucid Dementia's Website

Steven Gallagher
Author of The Kingdom of Bones and much, much more.
Stephen Gallagher's Website

Twilight Dementia
John Krauss and Jennifer Mendiola are the darkly romantic duo Twilight Dementia.
Twilight Dementia's Website

Vic Mizzy
Composer of the music for The Addams Family, Green Acres, The Night Walker, The Ghost & Mr. Chicken and much more.
Vic Mizzy's Website

Victoria De Mare
Star of Werewolf in a Women's Prison, Bioslime, Psychon Invaders and many other films.
Victoria De Mare's Website

Veronique Chevalier
Veronique, the creator of Gothic Polka CD "Polka Haunt Us as Hell-ga, the Devil's Barmaid
Veronique Chevalier's Website

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